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Hi, I am Subhash

I build stuff for the internet

I have been building web apps and tools for about 10yrs. Some of my works are critical parts of systems that manage billions of dollars at PlateIQ and Boomerang Commerce*business division acquired by Lowe's.

I have also built a bunch of tools for my daily use and have occasional contributions to opensource projects. I keep myself busy with a lot of video games and a bit each of travel, bike rides and runs.

More about me

I made these!


I made a tiny utility app for android that let Pebble smartwatch users like myself integrate Strava activity tracking on our smartwatches.

Though it had a very small set of users, it was very much loved.


hot-reload is a tiny nodejs utility to help develop tiny webpages. Once installed it can be used to serve static resource from a project directory and it takes care of reloading the browser when any project files are changed.

Under the hood it uses WebSocket and express and is hosted on Github


Zoot is a 3d render of my alma mater IITH's housing complex. It is based on WebGL and has contribution from other IITH alumni for the various 3d models.

Since the time this was made, the institute and the hostels have moved to a new permanent address. Zoot remains the only way you can visit the old times.

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Some photographs from trips and other times

Foggy morning at Gandikota
Ex-Boomerang folk reunion
In Jaipur as groomsmen
In Jaipur as groomsmen
Trip to Munnar
Trip to Munnar
Chandrashila Trek
Deoria Tal
Chandrashila Trek
Chandrashila Trek
Rafting at Rishikesh
Rafting at Rishikesh
Birthday Bash
Meetup with highschool friends
Eurotrip - Vienna
Eurotrip - Venice
Eurotrip - Pisa
Eurptrip - Prague
Meetup with IITH friends
Finishing the half marathon
From Yosemite Roadtrip
Trip to Nandi
Trip to Shivanasamudra
Trip to Nandi