Subhash S

Half Engineer

Torn between his love for so many cool things, Subu ultimately managed to learn a bit of Mechanical Engineering and Web-Development.

He codes the Internet by the day and fights Trolls by the night. Avid gamer and shader language buff, he set out to build his own 3D Design Software which he hopes to publish some day.

What am I upto ?

Stuff I Do

ηvision is the Technical Festival of IITH. got Started in 2012 and I worked on its website for 2-Yrs before graduating out. This work was commisioned for the second edition and was a replica of windows XP platform on browser, suggestive of WEB-OS concept.
Ratrace was a startup-idea/blog which tried to address the concerns about the narrow stream of opportunities targeted by the high-schoolers and society at large. We captured some of the often neglected opportunities like Jewellery Designing, Law, Chef which offer similar challenges and rewards.
National Service Scheme - IITH Chapter
no Org is complete without a web presence. NSS of IITH is no different. The Website contains the mission of NSS and provides an overview of weekly activities. Plans for upcoming weeks and other trackers are ussualy hosted here.
Mymbee is the Cultural News Harbinger of IITH. It served as a platform for keeping the students upto date with the activities of various cultural clubs. Along with the News it also hosted articles from the students.

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